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Scott Steele, the guitarist for Liquid Blues, grew up in the San Fernando Valley in the Los Angeles area. His first bands were surf rock bands, both as bass player and guitarist. He moved to Corvallis, Oregon in 1976 and played bass guitar for Geetz Romo, a successful club band in central Oregon, in 1976-1978. Scott moved to Portland in 1978 and studied jazz guitar at Mt. Hood Community College there until 1980. He continued to play both guitar and bass guitar in a variety of musical styles. As a guitarist, he played country music with Boogie Country and rockabilly with The Dukes of Juke, and as a bass player he played rock with What's Shakin', a group that also included Liquid Blues alumni Craig Mustain and Ray Davis. This is Scott's third tour of duty as Liquid Blues's guitarist. He briefly succeeded Ray Davis in 1979, and played with Liquid Blues off and on through the late 1990s before joining Liquid Blues as a permanent member late in 2002. Scott has also shared the stage with other fine musicians such as Perry Robinson, Mel Brown, George Mitchell, Bill Hagen, Larry Bard, Frank DiGiovanni, John Tamburello, Don Worth II, Mike Mahaffay, Stan Wood, Ju Suk Reete Meate, Dan Perz, Dan Presley, Rick McNutt, Cheryl Alex, and more. Scott led the Scott Steele Band from 1992 to 1998 with Bill Larimer, Eddie Morgan, and Larry Bard. He was a founding member of Kings on Straw Mats, an experimental music group with Tiffany Lee Brown, Eric Hausmann, Mike Mahaffay, and Stan Wood; he wears the battery-powered backpack amplifier in the Jesters Marching Band (www.jestersmarchingband.com); and he plays free music with the Gone Orchestra (www.mp3.com/TheGoneOrchestra).

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